10 Tips for Choosing Best Domain Name – How to Choose a Domain?

By | November 6, 2019

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Hey Guys, Welcome to All of You on My Personal Blog. Today’s Our Topic is Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name – How to Choose a Domain?

Don’t Worry Friends, I’ll give you some ideas, then get the Great Domain Name. Let’s start –

10 Tips for Choosing Best Domain Name

Before thinking of domain name first, think what is the domain?

Domain is Just a Name of Your Blog. It shows the totals about your blog. Also, You may say, its the identity of your blog. As Your Name Is Your Identity, such as The Domain Name is Identity Of Blog. Example – abcblog.com, domainname.co.in, and name.in etc.

10 Tips for Choosing Best Domain Name

  • First of all, take a notebook and a pen
  • Now write down any of your Ideas, and Thought which is in the Dim.
  • Slowly Think One Idea Again Deeply
  • Think of whether the domain is not connected to Direct and Indirect Traffic
  • Think of the short name as much as you can
  • If you are from India then Take .in as why it’s a lot of help in your Google index and it’s a great help in your Google ranking
  • Take a domain name, which is going on voice of Public
  • Do not fall in the cycles of cheap domains
  • Sets Perfect Domain Provider Search As Godaddy, Bigrock, Google Domains, and HostGator.in and also Much more etc.
  • Think Twice, Before Buy A Domain from any provider (Will this help You in Future, if there is any Problem?) because domain name may Will Be Your Identity.

How to Choose a Domain?

Other One Who Wants To Make Their Career In Blogging, selecting domain name for it becomes a big question mark? But do not do anything like that, just put some things in your mind and select domain name from the comfort. You can also follow some tips above.

how to choose a domain name?
  • After thinking of a good name, you should also choose a domain provider.
  • Select One Domain Name such as .in, .com, co.in and .net
  • Now Go to Direct Buy Button
  • Put Your Domain Name here click on Search Link
  • Make Payment or Check Out
  • Make Successful Purchase from there
  • Then, You have booked Your Domain Name
  • Now, How to Create A blog or Website on this Domain name, I will tell you in the next blog.
  • Be Happy, Enjoy Your Self.

How do you easily buy domains and how to think of domain names? in this blog, now in the next blog will tell you how to create a website? from this domain !! Goodbye until then !! Also, If You have any question or any suggestion You may discuss with me By using below comments box. Thanks

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